Life coaching

We all want deep inner happiness. We don’t want grief, guilt, anxiety, stress, fear or depression, or to struggle each day with our emotional roller coaster.

What is Life Coaching about?

Whether you are looking for a successful relationship, a more fulfilling career, financial security or better health, the bottom line is that you want to feel good. Life Coaching can help you.

Happiness can be fleeting. You feel happy one minute because the sun is shining and all is good in your world; then your mood changes and happiness is gone, perhaps leaving you feeling sad, lonely, anxious or depressed.

I can help you find the kind of inner happiness that doesn’t depend on what is going on around you, take control of your emotions and become balanced, harmonious and better able to cope with life’s challenges.

Imagine waking up each morning feeling really glad to be alive and drifting off to sleep at night with genuine contentment; dealing with challenges in a calm, collected frame of mind, knowing that you are creating a beautiful and fulfilling life. Life Coaching can help you.

I am an experienced Life and Relationship Coach and so can help you find deep and lasting happiness in your career, relationships and all other areas of your life, overcome barriers to personal successreach for what you previously didn’t think was possible and to live an amazingly fulfilled life.

I can help you:

  • Work through issues that are causing you pain and holding you back
  • Change your mindset so that you are better able to deal with painful situations
  • Manage stress, anxiety, fear and depression
  • Successfully negotiate trauma and grief
  • Set goals and help you achieve them
  • Deal with life in a calm, focussed and fulfilling way

How Does It Work?

My Life Coaching is tailor-made to your specific needs and requirements. In addition to my extensive coaching skills and experience I draw on a wide variety of skills and techniques, including hypnotherapy, guided meditation, mindfulness and EFT where appropriate.

Consequently, together we will create a programme that will enable you to achieve your dreams and aspirations.  

Each coaching session lasts about 1 hour and can take place via my private online chatroom or, if you live locally to me then face-to-face, so geographical location is not a problem.

What To Do Now

Get in touch with me and we will arrange a time to talk. If you decide to proceed with coaching, then I will discuss with you the length of programme that is most appropriate, how often and when we will meet.

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