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Do you feel awkward and embarrassed around other people? Do you find yourself retreating to the kitchen at parties? Do you dread getting into conversation with people you don’t know?   Feeling shy can be an endearing trait. But it can also be a stumbling block to developing new relationships, and can leave you feeling uncomfortable and distant from people. It is important to distinguish between shyness and social anxiety disorder. While some people who are shy do suffer from […]

In last month’s blog I suggested a model for doing an End-of-Year Review. The idea behind that exercise was to recognise all the good things that happened, to learn from the more challenging moments and to realise that we have greater inner resources to overcome life’s difficulties than maybe we thought we had. This month I am going to suggest a way to set yourself up for having a really good year ahead. Sitting back and waiting to see what […]

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived in a castle far, far away. One day she went for a walk in the forest and came across a huge fire-breathing dragon that blocked her path. The princess screamed for help and low and behold, along came a brave knight who drew his sword and slayed the dragon. The princess was then able to continue happily along on her journey. We are all familiar with these fairy-tales of […]

September is the time for change. Holiday makers are returning; children are going back to school and students are flying the nest for college or university. It is the time to get back in the garden after the heat of the summer; it’s the time to clear away the cobwebs that have gathered in the corners of the room. Maybe you’re starting to think about re-joining the gym and what classes you will take. Maybe there is a new project […]