Life and relationship coach

My name is Carol Page. I am a Life and Relationship Coach, a Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor and an Independent Celebrant.

As a Life and Relationship Coach, I help you manage stress, overcome challenges and therefore live the life of your dreams.

I particularly specialise in Relationship Coaching. As a result I can help singles overcome barriers to finding true and lasting love, and couples become more fulfilled in their relationships.

I incorporate guided Meditation and Mindfulness as a way of life into my coaching sessions, along with hypnotherapy, EFT and Reiki where appropriate.

I provide ceremonies for the significant times in your life, such as weddings, renewal of vows, funerals and memorials. 

Life Coaching

We all want deep inner happiness. For instance, the reality is that we are often riddled with grief, guilt, anxiety, stress, fear and sometimes depression, struggling each day with our emotional roller coaster. Learn More

Relationship Coaching

Whatever your particular relationship challenges, I can help you overcome your obstacles and self-sabotaging behaviours. In this way, I enable you to develop a deep and lasting relationship with someone who is just perfect for you. Learn More

Soulmate Discovery Programme

The Soulmate Discovery Programme (SDP) is an online system that will help you find – and after that, keep – your ideal partner. Learn More

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and in particular Mindfulness Meditation, is taking the world by storm. There are 1000’s of Scientific studies on the subject, which are showing that it is good for us, and can therefore benefit us in many ways. Learn More

Symbolic Weddings

Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your special day. It is the time when you will publicly make your vows of commitment to one another and exchange rings. Yet many people spend months planning every other aspect of their wedding, and leave the ceremony itself to chance. Learn More

Funerals and Memorials

As an ordained minister (no longer attached to any religious institution), I can create ritual and ceremony that is personal, meaningful and fulfilling. I take great pride in writing funeral and memorial services and other poignant ceremonies that are personal, reflective and right for the occasion. Learn More

Qualifications and Background

My qualifications include:

  • Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (merit) gained through The Coaching Academy 
  • Certified Relationship Coach for Singles with the Relationship Coaching Institute.
  • Ordained Baptist Minister (no longer attached to any religious institution and prefer to call myself Spiritual)
  • First Class Honours degree in Theology
  • MA in Pastoral Studies
  • Certificate in Counselling
  • Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
  • Mindfulness Diploma
  • Training in EFT.
  • Reiki II

In addition to being a Life and Relationship Coach, I have eight years’ experience within the healthcare system in the UK, both at the front-line as a spiritual healthcare provider.

As a result, I have cared for and supported people through painful and difficult circumstances and have experience in managerial roles, supervising, teaching and facilitating staff. As well as this, I have training and experience as a Harassment Advisor, in Supervision and Mentoring.

Similarly, I have wide experience of creating ritual which is personal, unique, meaningful and fulfilling. As well as this, I have a broad base of skills, a non-judgemental attitude and genuine sensitivity, care and concern for people.

Health and nutrition are important to me and consequently I recognise that what we eat affects the people that we are.

I am married to Mick. We moved from the UK to live in Cyprus in 2009.  Together we are New Page: New Life, helping people achieve their life goals in all areas of life and business.