Make Time For Yourself

Whether you are married, single, in a relationship, parent, working full time, or even retired, it can be hard finding time just for you.

Many of us, especially women, can be so busy looking out for everybody else that we forget about our own needs.  Meeting the demands of other-half, children, grandchildren, parents, relatives and even friends can take its toll. Added to that can be guilt that we are somehow being selfish if we do what we want to do.

But unless we take care of our own needs, we will eventually suffer burn-out, and then be no good to anyone. By making time in the calendar to do what makes you feel alive, for that hobby you used to enjoy; for an evening out with friends; to have a leisurely bath or even to just sit and read a good book, you get chance to re-charge your batteries and feel human again.

Here are just some of the reasons why taking time out for ourselves can be beneficial:

  • You feel energised when you return home, or more relaxed, depending on the exercise you engaged in
  • You gain a new perspective on life which can in itself be life-enhancing
  • A new activity can help you to grow as a person and make you more self-aware
  • Your brain has a boost, making you better able to concentrate for the rest of the day and improving your productivity
  • Deep-rooted negative emotions such as frustration or anger can be mitigated
  • It makes you happier to be around
  • Relationships can be improved because you have something different to talk about and because you feel better about yourself
  • Sleep patterns will be improved

So give up feeling guilty about it, and schedule time to do what makes you happy, energised, more alive.
Allow time to exercise, relax, meditate, read a book, sleep.
Commit to something that stretches you, develops you, enables you to grow as a person.
Consider what your body, mind, emotions and spirit need most right now, and find time to do it. It could be the best thing you ever did.

Carol Page
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