Symbolic Weddings

A symbolic wedding is a ceremony that has no legal status. That means that there is more flexibility and in fact pretty much anything is possible.

Couples may choose to have a symbolic wedding because:

  • They want to do the legal bit first with the registrar at the town hall. Then at a later date, have a symbolic wedding with all their guests, as if it was the real thing. This means there are no time constraints and greater flexibility to make their special day uniquely reflect their personalities and wishes.


  • They are getting legally married in a different country, perhaps with just their witnesses present, but want their wedding in Cyprus to be as if it was the real thing.


  • They have family and friends in Cyprus who can’t attend the legal wedding, so have a second, symbolic wedding largely for their benefit. This means they can incorporate Cypriot tradition if they choose to do so.


  • They have their heart set on a particular date to get married in Cyprus but for whatever reason, the legalities are not sorted out in time, so they have a symbolic wedding with all their guests present, and then have the legal wedding at a later stage, perhaps back home.


Whatever the reason, couples generally see their symbolic wedding as their ‘real’ wedding.

Because there is more flexibility with a symbolic wedding, couples are free to plan their special day, with the help of their celebrant, just the way they would like it to be.

A symbolic wedding may include:

  • Sand Blending. The bride and groom each has a container of a different coloured sand representing what they personally bring to the marriage. The different colours of sand are then poured into a vase, creating a beautiful and colourful effect, representing the new relationship that is being formed by the marriage. The couple get to keep the vase as a memento of their symbolic wedding in Cyprus. If the couple have children, they can also be included in this ceremony.


  • Unity Candle. The bride and groom each light their own candle at the beginning of the ceremony, representing what they bring to the marriage. Towards the end of the ceremony, a third larger candle is lit from the 2 smaller ones representing the two of them becoming one.


  • Hand Fasting. During the ceremony the hands of the bride and groom are lightly bound with a ribbon to symbolise their connection and devotion to one another. This is commonly used in Wiccan and Pagan ceremonies, but is a lovely thing to do for any couple.


The ceremony can also be based around a theme or lifestyle that the couple share.


Couples are free to write their own vows if they wish to do so. They can also include music, poetry, readings and rituals from their own traditions.


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