Time To Slay Your Demons

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived in a castle far, far away. One day she went for a walk in the forest and came across a huge fire-breathing dragon that blocked her path. The princess screamed for help and low and behold, along came a brave knight who drew his sword and slayed the dragon. The princess was then able to continue happily along on her journey.

We are all familiar with these fairy-tales of old from which the term ‘Slay the dragon” originates.

Nowadays the term usually refers to problems or concerns that threaten to consume us. Our own personal dragons, or demons within. Sometimes we spend our lives hiding from our demons or pretending they are not really there at all. Unfortunately demons, like problems, have a habit of growing, and there isn’t always a brave knight on hand to rescue us.

So what are our demons?

  • Limiting Beliefs. Messages that play and re-play inside our heads. These limiting beliefs affect the way we show up in the world and hold us back from being the confident, happy and successful people we long to be. They can be so deeply embedded into our subconscious mind that we are barely aware that they exist, or have come to believe that this is how the world really is. But they can be eliminated, or at least managed.
  • Habits that we have developed that are annoying for ourselves and other people. Sometimes we don’t even know that we are doing these things, but they may be affecting our relationships and damaging our career opportunities.
  • Negative personality. We run ourselves and other people down, always expecting the worse to happen. Sometimes described as being a ‘glass half empty’ attitude to life, we tend to always see the bad in situations and consequently, we attract negative people and situations, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


  • Behaviour patterns that are self-destructive and often repeating over the years. We see this in relationships, where patterns of relating are repeated over and over with different partners. We sabotage our own lives and feel unable to do anything about it.

How do we deal with these demons?

  • Recognise that the demons are there. This comes through becoming self-aware. When we ignore, or are oblivious to an issue that is showing up in our lives, we are unable to tackle it. Conversely, when we acknowledge that a problem exists, we are half way to being able to do something about it.
  • If possible, consider the root of the issue. Where does it go back to? Try to do this without pointing the finger of blame at yourself or anyone else. Being judgmental, or playing the victim card is not going to help and will only make matters worse. It is about understanding, not judging.
  • Decide if this is a demon you can slay by yourself, or whether you need help to do it. There is no shame whatsoever in getting help to tackle your demons. Most likely everyone else can see them anyway, so by getting support you are ‘manning up’ to the situation rather than trying to avoid it.
  • Take action! Don’t avoid it any longer. Decide what needs to be done and get that demon slayed!

To discuss this in more detail, please get in touch. It may be that just one or two coaching sessions with me will be enough to help you gain the skills to tackle your own demons. Or more on-going coaching will enable you to get those demons dealt with more effectively and swiftly, so that you can live your life without being hampered by scary dragons that threaten to eat you alive!

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