Surviving Valentine’s Day If You Are Single

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time of the year if you are single. However, I am a strong believer that every situation can be an opportunity for growth and personal development if we recognise it as such.

Perhaps now is a good time for you to focus on who you are, what you are looking for and most importantly, loving yourself. Yes I know that probably sounds a rubbish suggestion when what you really want is a hot date, or better still, someone to love you. But bear with me…. Learning to really love you is a vital step towards being able to unconditionally love someone else.

The more you can enjoy your own company, look in the mirror and like what you see, and feel really good about yourself, the better place you will be in to attract someone who is also comfortable in his or her own skin. When we don’t really love ourselves, not only do we tend to attract needy people, which is not a good basis for a long-standing relationship, by we also tend to come into relationships with needs that we want the other person to meet. That is never going to fully happen and is an unfair and unreasonable expectation.

So the more we can feel good about ourselves and take care of our own needs, the more we can relax and allow relationships to develop naturally and easily.

Here are some suggestions for surviving the day itself:

1. Plan a meal with a group of friends.
2. Look to see if there are any events in your area for singles on Valentine’s Day
3. Do something you really enjoy, for example a hobby, activity or even a weekend break
4. Treat it like any other normal day. After all, the hype around Valentine’s Day is really for businesses to make money out of people
5. Spent the day with the people you love.
6. Buy yourself something nice.

So make this Valentine’s Day the year when you focus on yourself, your needs and making yourself feel special. You really are worth it!

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