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“Dear Carol, I would like to thank you so much for the great work and skill you have used in the last few months while working with me. Taking me from what was undoubtedly the lowest point in my life to a position where I feel once again in control, strong and looking forward to the future. Your skills seem endless; you always deliver and exceed my expectations. I have in the last few months asked for your help in a multitude of areas and without fail you have delivered. I look forward to our weekly meetings. Your costs compared to the results make it an easy decision to continue to work with you. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that needs guidance or a change in their lives. Thank you.”

AH, March 2016

“Dear Carol. You have been a wonderful and very supportive coach to me over the last 15 months. I feel very obliged and utterly grateful for all you have done to help me change my life and find a soulmate. Now… I have found the love of my life and I am as happy as can be.”

CL (Germany/Cyprus) hired Carol as a Relationship Coach June 2012 - Oct 2013

“The Coaching sessions gave me space to think through and discuss my current life situation. We were able to explore new possibilities, to prioritise them, and evaluate their feasibility... The coaching has helped me reach a point where I am no longer feeling lost, confused and adrift. On the contrary I have been enabled to take control, acting positively and making far reaching decisions. I am currently involved in a process of moving to a far more appealing and engaging work situation.... I would not be in this positive and hopeful situation were it not for my coaching sessions.”

A Keith, Minister, (UK), 2008


[Carol] “Helped me to set clear and achievable goals... Helped me to recognise and overcome some irrational fears and blocks that were preventing me from achieving some goals, including overcoming anxiety and doubt... Helped me become more aware of my motivation in setting the long term goals.”

D Elliott, (UK), 2008

I was very sceptical about what I would achieve by having a meeting with Carol, but I found her to be a caring and totally non-judgemental person, and one who listened and offered support.  After just one session she somehow had made me look at my life in a different way, and focus on the positive aspects of life and not feel guilty of things that had happened.  Having had just three sessions with her I can now look forward to a happy future - thank you Carol.

BW, 2010

When I first visited you my life was a mess. I was depressed, my job was too stressful and my love life in tatters. You managed to wade through my confusion to come up with practical, no nonsense solutions that worked for me. A year on and I have a much better work/life balance, a mostly stress free career and a loving and fun relationship.

Anon, 2011

“Coaching changed my life. It helped me become more conscious of what I think and do, address some underlying issues that kept me from moving forward, gain a lot of useful input on how to handle my relationships with the people around me. It’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Carol is very skilled and I believe she has a gift for coaching. She is very positive, and supportive but in an empowering way. I feel very comfortable talking to her about anything. She helped me clear many foggy areas in myself. She helped me to find power within myself to handle my life’s challenges, because that’s what I needed.”

E Tsangari, March 2012

During our coaching calls I experience tremendous clarity due to the high level of searching questions Carol asks me.  I receive support and encouragement from her, which inspires me to keep going.  I come away from our calls feeling more confident as she often points out what I am doing well.  Carol’s innate ability to compassionately offer guidance without telling me what to do is a skill that I admire and value.

Carol has a friendly manner that enables me to open up during our conversation.  Her feedback is both helpful and productive, Carol skilfully helps me see things clearly and understand exactly what steps I need to take next.   I am often blown away by the clarity and focus I get when I’ve spent time talking with her.  If you get the chance to work with Carol, grab it with both hands!

 (Maeve Crawford (UK), The Soul Mate Catalyst 2012)

“Carol was excellent at understanding what I said and getting to the root of an issue or problem quickly. At times I found her comments very insightful and she helped me to think about certain things in a completely different way... Carol helped me enormously... In fact I would say that she is the person who essentially helped me to ‘turn the corner’ in my recovery to mental health.”

R Ramsey, (UK), 2009

“I know that saying thank you all the time loses its strength, but I can't thank you enough for your contribution to my feeling better, more confident and on top of things.”


“Carol is a deeply spiritual person, inclusive and open to people of a variety of faith backgrounds. She is both professional and committed to helping people when they most need someone and many do miss her at West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust.”

PS, 2009

Thank you. Much uplifted and progressive after our meeting. Thank you for helping me over the line in decisions

Anon, Oct 2011

“What an amazing experience! I did an exercise with Carol to identify skills that I already possess and how I could apply those to my current goal.  I felt uplifted, energised and empowered to identify and take real, positive actions towards my goal.  Thank you Carol.  Would love to work with you again.”  

HP, Trainee Life Coach, (UK), 2008

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