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Marking special events in a personal way

Do you want a ceremony that says something… just that little bit different?

Are you looking for words and symbols to express some special moment in your life?

Do you want help in constructing the perfect way to say what words alone sometimes fail to do?

Maybe you want to do something completely ‘off the wall’

Whatever you want to say, I will help you to do it in a way that is personal and meaningful for you.

I have experience and knowledge of a wide range of religious, spiritual and secular traditions, and can help you put together a ceremony, drawing on music, art, poems, readings and rituals, that is exactly right for you.

Wedding Celebrant

I am an Independent Wedding Celebrant and provide personalised symbolic weddings such as Wedding Celebrations, Blessings and Renewal of Vows.

By liaising with you beforehand, I am able to provide a unique and tailor-made ceremony for you.

This can be short and simple or can include readings, symbolism, music or pretty much anything that you would like. It can be very traditional, or can reflect your personalities, beliefs, culture and personal wishes.

You can also write your own vows, or I can provide you with some examples to choose from; and you can include family and friends in the service.


FuneralSometimes the formality of a traditional, religious funeral service does not allow us to mark the death of a loved one in the most appropriate way. A more intimate and informal gathering around the graveside with friends and family recalling key moments of your loved-one’s life and celebrating with carefully selected music and poetry might more meaningful.

Memorial Service

MemorialMaybe you want to recognise the anniversary or untimely death of someone close to you, or feel that you never got the chance to say goodbye properly. I can help you to draw on music, literature, symbolism and ritual from spiritual, religious or secular sources which will allow you to celebrate the life of your loved one, to grieve or say Goodbye. Moving on does not mean forgetting. I can help you to create the most appropriate ceremony to mark this death, helping you to let go and be more at peace with yourself for the future.

Bereavement Coaching

Marking your divorce in a positive way

DivorceWhile a divorce is usually very painful and often traumatic, it can also be a positive turning point in your life.

Whether you want support in ending your marriage in a constructive way, or wish to devise a ceremony to mark this new stage in your life, I can help you to do it in a way that allows you to feel free to move on to what lies ahead.

Welcoming your Baby

Welcoming your babyAs an alternative to a traditional Christening, I can help you to devise the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of that special new person into your family.

Whether you want to incorporate religious or spiritual terminology and symbols or to adopt a more secular approach, together we will create a unique ceremony that is just right for the occasion.


If you are considering holding a ceremony of any kind, contact me to discuss what you are looking for. This will enable you to get to know me, and for me to understand exactly what you want for this very special occasion.

All you have to do now is contact me to discuss your ideas and we will take it from there.

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