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Coaching you to Inner Happiness

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A Six Week 1:1 Programme

This programme is tailor-made to your needs and will be adapted according your particular requirements.

It will cover the following general areas:

Week 1

 How does shyness show up for you? (Is it shyness or Social Anxiety Disorder?)

 What would you like to be different?

 Your history and self-sabotaging  beliefs

Week 2

 Re-framing negative messages

Week 3

 Learning to like yourself (building self-esteem)

Week 4

 Consider your comfort zone and how to expand it

 Body language

Week 5

 Social encounters

 Put your best foot forward

 Learning to really listen to others

 Learning to talk about yourself comfortably

Week 6

 Developing meaningful relationships

 Review and refresh

 What next?

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